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Donation Program Applications

Field Station: Dinosaurs has been proud to support hundreds of New Jersey non-profit organizations through ticket donations and special appearances. We have given away thousands of tickets to be used as fundraisers and provided hours of entertainment for libraries, museums, and community events.

Thank you for thinking of us as a participant in your fundraisers over the years.


Please note that submitting a donation request does not guarantee approval. Each donation request is taken into consideration.

 Donation requests must include the following for consideration:

  1. Written letter of request on letterhead. Letter must include date and location of event.

  2. Complete application and mail it in for approval consideration- Print and mail

  3. Copy of organization's ST-5 or non-profit determination letter that indicates 501(c)3 status.

  4. Self-addressed, stamped catalog envelope (9"x13") with $2 in postage affixed.

  5. The donation program runs through August 1.

    Organizations must be willing to promote Field Station: Dinosaurs on social media pages and any press.


Send completed application and materials to: 

Field Station: Dinosaurs
Attn: Donation Request
365 Broad Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003