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NEW! Let us bring the party to you!


Dinosaur Troubadour Birthday Parties


Now the Dinosaur Troubadour can bring the fun, excitement, and education of Field Station: Dinosaurs to your birthday party! Dance to Field Station favorites like the "Dimetrodon Dance", sing along to "The Mighty T-Rex", and see how low you can go as we do the limbo. See real dinosaur fossils and casts up close and learn all about what the dinosaurs ate. Parties may include full size casts of dinosaur skulls as well as a visit from our baby hadrosaur. Stuffed dinosaur are available to give your guests a memento from a birthday party they will never forget!

Party A: The Troubadour is your entertainer for 45 minutes of fun. Educational songs, actual dinosaur fossils and casts (jaws, claws, and teeth), dance party including the limbo, and party beads for children. $250

Party B: The Troubadour is your entertainer for 60 minutes of fun. Experience all of the above, plus full dinosaur skull casts and a visit and photo opportunity with a baby hadrosaur.  $350

Stuffed Dinosaur: Apatosaurus plush.  $8 each plus tax

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