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Dispatches from a Dinosaur Dig

Saturday, August 29th


NJ State Museum Paleontologist Jason Schein will share discoveries from his recent paleo-dig in a family-friendly presentation entitled "Dispatches from a Dinosaur Dig." Former Field Station Expedition Manager Brooke Rowzee will give a firsthand account of her experience on the adventure, as well. 

The kid-oriented talk will take science out of the textbooks and bring it to life again, the perfect antidote for summer "brain drain."

 "Anyone who thinks science isn't exciting hasn't met Jason Schein," says Guy Gsell, Executive Producer at Field Station: Dinosaurs. "He is a real-life Indiana Jones with an amazing story to share."

What Dispatches from a Dinosaur Dig
Field Station: Dinosaurs, One Dinosaur Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094
Saturday, August 29th  12-5p
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Dino Don

Meet a "bone-afied" dinosaur expert as our final Super Star of Science on Saturday, September 5th, as we close out our final days of Field Station: Dinosaurs in our Secaucus location.

Don Lessem has acted as scientific adviser to Jurassic Park, Dinosaur, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. He has hosted Discovery Channel and NOVA documentaries on dinosaurs and is a television and radio commentator on paleontology.

In addition to serving as a scientific journalist for renown publications such as the Boston Globe  Life, The New York Times, and Smithsonian Magazine, Lessem has also authored children's books on extinct animals and endangered species. For a decade, he wrote a monthly column in Highlights Magazine through which he answered more than 10,000 letters from children on the subject of dinosaurs.

What Dino Don, Jurassic Park Official Dinosaur Adviser
Field Station: Dinosaurs, One Dinosaur Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094
Saturday, September 5th